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Picture of Chief William PitmanMESSAGE FROM THE CHIEF

During my thirty years in law enforcement I have been fortunate to serve with many fine professionals. The officers and staff of our department epitomize the tradition of service and enforcement in rural Arizona. We are experiencing growth both within the City of Eloy and our department. We are not only adapting to the changes but are acting as agents for these changes. Our department is taking a leading role in bringing the community together so we may progress and grow. I am proud to be a part of the law enforcement profession. I am proud to be associated with the men and women of the Eloy Police Department. Most of all, I am proud to be a citizen of Eloy. 
Chief William Pitman

Professional Standards

The Eloy Police Department serves the community and it is to our citizens that we are ultimately responsible. Personnel are directed to perform their duties in a courteous and professional manner. Police work often involves working without direct supervision in a variety of circumstances. Personnel are expected to make judgment decisions within the parameters of law and departmental policy by applying their training and experience to individual situations. Often times these situations are stressful in nature. Given these elements, it is inevitable that from time to time citizen complaints will be generated.

This page is designed to provide you with information on how to file a citizen complaint as well as what to expect once a complaint has been filed by discussing the complaint process.

Making a Complaint

There are several ways to initiate the complaint process:

    * Tell the officer in person that you would like to speak to a supervisor to file a complaint.
    * Call (520) 466-7324 and inform the call-taker you would like to speak to a supervisor to file a complaint.
    * Go to the police station located at 630 North Main Street and inform the person at the front desk you are there to file a complaint.

The Complaint Process

Every Police Supervisor is capable of taking your initial complaint information. There may be instances in which simply speaking to a supervisor is sufficient to resolve the matter. An example of this might be observing a patrol car driving over the posted speed limit without lights and siren activated. It may be determined that the officer was responding to a robbery alarm in accordance with departmental policy. This information may be sufficient to alleviate the citizens’ concern and no further action would be taken.

For formalized complaints the department has developed a packet of procedural forms to ensure that all pertinent information is received. There will be an initial fact gathering interview in which the circumstances, officer (s) involved, and any witnesses present will be documented. You will be notified if the interview is tape-recorded or you may be asked to provide a written statement. This is done to ensure the accuracy of the interview and to eliminate any possibility of misunderstanding. At the conclusion of the interview you will receive a Complaint Receipt Form. The supervisor will also complete a tracking form documenting the receipt of the complaint and to whom it will be assigned for further investigation.

Assignment of Investigation

All complaints are placed into either Category I or Category II depending upon the type or severity of the complaint. Category II complaints are less serious. Any complaint not immediately resolved by the supervisor will be assigned to an investigator. Category I complaints will be assigned to the Office of Professional Standards for investigation by a Professional Standards and Responsibilities Officer. Category II complaints will be assigned as appropriate. Should it be determined that there are possible criminal violations involved, an outside agency may be asked to conduct the criminal investigation. All complaints will be reviewed by the Chief of Police.


The involved employee is informed that they are the subject of a complaint. If applicable they are ordered to not discuss the situation with anyone but the investigator to negate the possibility of influencing the perceptions of fellow employees who might be witnesses. The investigation consists of:

    * The possible re-interview of the complainant.
    * Locating and interviewing any witnesses.
    * The collection and review of records, such as recordings of radio transmissions or phone calls as well as police reports.
    * An interview of the employee who is the subject of the investigation.
    * At the conclusion a final report is submitted.


The Chief of Police will review the report for completeness, and if appropriate will take corrective measures such as directing the employee’s future actions, training, and/or discipline.

Conclusion of Investigation

The complainant is contacted and informed of the outcome as is permitted within the bounds of employment law. It is the goal of the department to conclude investigations in an expedient manner. This usually allows us to complete the process within thirty days unless there are circumstances that are beyond our control.


It is the goal of the Eloy Police Department to serve our community in an impartial and professional manner. Upon receiving citizen complaints we will strive to address the identified issues quickly and without bias.

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the service provided to you by the Eloy Police Department, please call 520-466-7324, and ask to speak to a supervisor.

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