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630 North Main St.
Eloy, AZ 85131

  Picture of Police Chief William K Pitman


William K. Pitman





Administrative Assistant
Michelle Barquera

For information regarding Investigations contact:

Jerry Wilhite

For information regarding Patrol concerns or issues contact:

Michelle Mckinley-Tarango
520-464-3740 ext. 3456

For information regarding Professional Standards & Community Relations contact:

Brian Jerome

Crime Stoppers

Arizona Automobile Theft Authority

Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Eloy Governor’s Alliance Against Drugs Coalition

Silent Witness
 Silent Witness

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
 National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Picture of City of Eloy police department badge
Shoulder patches are available to members of law enforcement at no charge upon receipt of a written request and a patch from their department. Shoulder patches are also available by remitting $4.00 for the cost of the patch, postage and handling. Checks and money orders should be made payable to the Eloy Police Department Community Services Fund.


   Police Department 
City of Eloy
Police Department of Eloy, AZ
Eloy, Arizona

Picture of ELOY POLICE DEPARTMENT 2006Mission Statement

The Mission of the Eloy Police Department, in partnership with the community and other public agencies, is to improve the quality of life by reducing the fear and incidence of crime, to recognize and resolve problems, and to fulfill the public safety needs of the Citizens of Eloy.

If you have any non-law enforcement questions, would like more information or want to be involved in your community, contact Brian Jerome at (520) 464-3458.

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Slow Down and Save Lives!
City of Eloy Photo Radar Project

The Problem
• Each year, more than 13,000 people are killed in speeding-related crashes.
• Speeding is a contributing factor in 30 percent of all fatal collisions.
• The economic cost of speeding on society is over $40 billion annually.
• More than 4 people in Eloy are killed each year in speeding-related collisions.
• The number of motorists issued a citation for speeding has increased 22% over the past year in Eloy.

The Solution
Next time you’re in a rush, think twice before you step on the gas!

What: The City of Eloy initiated a photo-based traffic safety system to monitor speed limits in Eloy and increase the safety of roadways in our community.

When: The program began September of 2009.

Where: Speed enforcement cameras will be placed on Eloy roadways, identified as having significant speed violation and speed-related collision rates.

Why: To keep our citizens safe by reducing the number and severity of speed-related collisions. Studies have shown that speed enforcement programs reduce the number of speeding-related injuries by up to 48%.

Any individual who exceeds the speed limit by 11 miles over the posted speed will be issued a citation.

OffenderWatch Eloy PD

Community Service
The Eloy Police Department is dedicated to providing non-traditional assistance to community members. Officer Brian Jerome acts as liaison with various community groups and projects such as:

Block Watch
Southside Block Watch meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 507 W. Alsdorf - Villa De Sonora.

North Toltec Block Watch meets the 3rd Thursday at 6:30pm each month at the Estrella Church.

Volunteer Philosophy
The Eloy Police Department seeks to promote the use of volunteers wherever possible in the department as a means of encouraging closer police-community relations, fostering a sense of mutual respect, and assisting the department in carrying out its mission through the use of qualified men and women with an interest in furthering the public safety needs of the Citizens of Eloy.

The Eloy Police Department welcomes volunteers for the following positions:

Animal Control Kennel Technician
Data Entry Associate

Fingerprint Technician

Neighborhood Speed Monitor
Senior Phone Patrol

Persons interested in becoming a volunteer should contact Officer Jerome at (520) 464-3458, Monday through Thursday.

Eloy Police Department
 Fee Schedule
(Effective 3/1/10)


Report copy up to 25 pages # requested @$7.50 each
Additional pages # requested @$0.50 each
Traffic Accidents # requested @$5.00 each
Digital Photos # requested @$5.00 per disc
35mm film photos # requested @$20.00 per roll
 (first day)
# of animals @$15.00 + $50.00 each
(extra day)
# of days x # of animals @$5.00
Quarantine # of animals @$70.00
Vaccination fee for Quarantine x # of animals @$15.00
3 Card set (same person)   @$5.00 per set
Additional cards # of cards @$2.00 per card
DPS Teachers Certificate   @$10.00

Vehicle Impounds
Arizona Revised Statute 28-3511 With very few exceptions, Arizona law requires law enforcement agencies to impound (tow) a motor vehicle when the driver is in violation of the following provisions:

- The drivers operating privilege is suspended or revoked for any reason.

- The driver is in an accident and has no insurance, and has a suspended, revoked, or cancelled driver’s license for any reason or has never had a driver’s license.

- The vehicle operator has never been issued an Arizona Drivers license or permit or cannot provide proof a driver’s license or permit was issued by another jurisdiction.

- The vehicle operator who is subject to the Certified Ignition Interlock Device (CIID) requirements under Arizona Statute is operating the vehicle without a functioning CIDD.

- The driver is arrested for either Extreme DUI or Aggravated DUI.

- The driver is under legal drinking age and has any alcohol in their body.

Tuesdays and Thursdays between 11:00 and 3:00 only. You must make an appointment for a hearing no later than ten (10) days from the date the vehicle was impounded, otherwise your request will be denied. You can call (520)466-7324 to request a hearing.

There is an administrative fee of $150 payable to the City of Eloy, cash only. This is in addition to any fees payable to the tow company to retrieve your vehicle.

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