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General Plan  

General Plan Information

The City of Eloy General Plan provides a long-term vision for Eloy’s development that guides the City’s citizens, businesses, and officials. The General Plan was developed in consideration of the City’s unique history and geography, its vision for the future, and state requirements. The General Plan will guide Eloy as it grows and changes, aiding it to continue to meet the needs and desires of its residents.

2010 Eloy General Plan

1 General Vicinity 2010

2 General Plan Land Use Map 2010

3 General Plan Land Ownership 2010

4 General Plan Circulation 2010

5 General Plan Growth Areas 2010

6 General Plan Parks 2010

7 General Plan Slope Map 2010

8 General Plan Soils 2010

9 General Plan Hazard Areas 2010

10 General Plan Water Facilities 2010

11 General Plan Public Facilities 2010

12 General Plan Public Facilities Schools 2010

13 General Plan Transmission Line 2010

14 General Plan Waste Water 2010

15 General Plan Downtown Development Neighborhood Preservation 2010

16 General Plan Employment Areas 2010


Current ELOY LAND USE MAP - 2010

2010 Eloy General Plan


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